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Hi! My name is Lars (also known as Tyroxeen)! I've been basically making music my whole life. At six years old I joined a choir and it was the most amazing experience!! We sang some epic pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, which really made me fall in love with music.

At 10 years old I started my first producing attemts in GarageBand. I only used the pre-made loops back then, but everybody has to start somewhere, right? ;)

So while that skillset progressed, my voice started maturing and I basically had to learn singing all over again. Luckily, I found a very good vocal coach, who did a pretty good job at getting my voice to sound its best again. Only this time, I didn't sing classical pieces but pop songs.

Now that I had the skills to sing and produce, it was kind of obvious that I could release original music. So I started writing my first song and the rest is history...

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