About Me

Hi! I'm Lars.

I write, produce and sing. And because that's pretty much all you need to release music, I do that :) I've also caught myself using it as self-therapy so who knows? Maybe you'll be able to relate to some of the things that I'm processing in my songs. This past summer, I got home from an exchange year in the US, which is the main topic of my music currently. Before that, I wrote an entire album about a crush that I'd had for like three years. Spoiler: we never got together. If I described my music, I'd tell you that I love in-your-face vocals. I love adding tons of harmonies or background choirs (most of the time its both). Writing lyrics has always been the most fun part for me, so I really want them to be able to shine. My instrumentals are 90% inspired by really popular songs from about 2 to 30 years ago - I'm really not that good with staying on top of current trends.

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